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Silky texture and warm shades of cinnamon

American Cherry(Prunus serotina) is a beautiful wood with a silky texture, warm tones of amber and pink and a close smooth grain. When first laid the colour of the floor is a pastel pink, but this darkens with time to a rich deep auburn.

Cherry is used for fine furniture and musical instrument making. Such is the quality and appearance of the timber that it was once used as a substitute for Cuban Mahogany in some classical furniture.

As with many of the American hardwoods, the best Cherry is found in the northern states such as Pennsylvania and New York State where the timber has the least amount of sapwood and gum. (See below)

All our Cherry is bought from these areas and although it is more expensive, it produces flooring with the most attractive colour and grain.

Gum is a normal feature of all American Cherry and shows as lines or small pockets of dark brown. It occurs in all our grades of flooring, but is the least in the Classic grade.  Cherry from less favoured areas often contains more gum and in larger pockets. This can mar the appearance.


Classic American Cherry Flooring

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

This grade of floor is reasonably uniform in colour - from pale pink to light brown( When first laid) with the ooccasional flash of cream. It is mostly clear, but may contain a few small sound knots, a little light burr and limited brown gum lines.  All the images on this page show cherry after it has darkened for a few months. It would be initially lighter. The type of finish affects the colour.

cherry floor uk

Character American Cherry Flooring

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

A more lively floor with more colour variation from cream to mid brown. It will contain a scattering of knots, burrs and gum lines.

For more info on grades, lengths etc. see "Grades & Flooring Range" in the Technical Guide.

Rustic Cherry may also be available. Please ask for details.

Technical Notes

Colour changes on exposure & darkens.


Solid Jatoba Flooring

jatoba floors uk

Rich, Warm Colour with Unmatched Durability

Jatoba is a beautiful, rich, dark South American hardwood which is used for fine cabinet making and flooring. The colour is a blaze of burnt amber and russet & the grain is a subtle blend of straight and flowery patterns with darker veins and stripes. English Timbers have chosen Jatoba, not only for its beauty, but also because of its exceptional durability and hardness. In fact Jatoba is about twice as hard as Maple and is one of the most durable floors available today. Only Classic grade is available.

Jatoba can be used where very heavy traffic is expected - Hotels,

restaurants, shops, dance floors and most commercial as well as domestic applications.

jatoba flooring uk

Classic Jatoba Flooring

(127mm wide & 20mm thick)

A rich, hard timber with a bold grain and an occasional small pin knot. The colour of the floor varies from a warm auburn to mid-brown and darkens with age.

For more info on grades, lengths etc. see "Grades & Flooring Range" in the Technical Guide.

Technical Notes

Colour darkens slightly on exposure.