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Matchless beauty and durability

Hard Maple (Acer saccharum) is an extremely versatile timber. It is strong, has a high resistance to wear and has an attractive range of colours and grain.

Our timber is harvested in Canada & the northern US states, where the whitest Maple is to be found.

The outer part of the maple tree produces the whitest timber and this is used to make the three white grades of flooring, the inner boards contain the darker heartwood and the more knotty timber and this makes the Character Smoky and Rustic grades.

Small flashes and lines of darker timber ( mineral colour ) occur in all the grades but this is limited according to the grade of floor.

There are five grades in all, three white and two with colour.

The highest grade of the three white grades is White Ivory followed by Oyster and Marble. White Ivory is a very light, uniform floor, Oyster has a little more variation in colour and grain and Marble has the most variation with a slight marbled effect. The Smoky grade varies from white to dark brown with and odd small knot & the rustic grade is similar with more knots.

All the flooring is unfinished, so please be aware that the type of finish may change the colour of some of the boards.

white maple floor

Classic White Maple - White Ivory

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

Our lightest, whitest floor. The colour is white/ivory to light cream. The timber has been selected for its uniformity, lightness and minimal appearance. There are no knots or character features except for an odd, very small, light pin knot and occasional, small flashes of darker mineral colour which are limited so as not to mar the overall appearance.

Please note that the new White Ivory grade is even lighter than the old Ivory grade.

white maple floor

Classic White Maple - Oyster

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

As the name suggest, this floor has some subtle colour variations and a bit more interest than the White Ivory. The colour is white to mid ivory with shades of cream and with a little very pale amber. An occasional small knot is allowed. There are some flashes of darker mineral colour here and there and the grain may be more varied and figured.

Classic White Maple

Classic White Maple - Marble

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

This is the most varied of our white floors. The colour varies from white to dark cream with occasional small, flame like, areas of light amber. A few small knots are permitted. Larger flashes of mineral colour are scattered across the floor and they can appear like veins in in marble - hence the name.

uk maple flooring

Character Smoky Maple Flooring

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

A striking, bold plank floor with colour variation from white to dark brown and all shades between. The name is derived from the swirling brown grain and the dark veins of mineral colour in some of the wood. Sound, attractive knots, an odd surface shake and character marks are included.

rustic maple flooring

Rustic Maple Flooring

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

Another bold floor but with plenty of rustic features. The colour of the timber varies from white to dark brown and typical rustic features are unlimited knots, some of which need filling, some non structural cracks, the occasional small hole and odd machining defects.

For more info on grades, lengths etc. see "Grades & Flooring Range" in the Technical Guide.

Technical Notes

All grading images are of bare wood prior to application of lacquers.

White colour darkens slightly over time with exposure.