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Solid Appalachian Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

appalachian red oak floor

A Classic Canadian Hardwood Full of Warmth and Beauty

This beautiful red oak flooring has the typical oak figure with occasional quarter sawn markings. The colour varies from pale to light red-brown with an overall pink hue. Different methods of finishing may be used either to enhance or suppress the colour.

Unlike White & European Oak, Red Oak (Quercus rubra) tends not to change colour with time.

The tree grows along the entire east coast from the Southern States up into the wilds of Quebec.

The northern timber from the Canadian border tends to be lighter and more uniform in colour with less black knots and we buy the timber from this region.

The timber is tough and the floors wear well.

prime red oak floor

Classic Red Oak Flooring

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

A beautiful floor with timber selected for its light, uniform, warm colour and attractive figure. The floor may contain occasional small pin knots. The colour of the wood is predominantly straw brown with subtle pink hues. (See Note below)

character red oak floor

Character Red Oak Flooring

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

An interesting floor with rich colour variation from light red/brown to mid brown, stripes of darker brown and more variation than the Classic grade. Knots, swirling grain & flashes of darker colour are part of the character of the floor.

Rustic and Tavern Grades of Red Oak

are usually available in small quantities Please contact the office.

For more information on grades, lengths etc. see "Grades & Flooring Range" in the Technical Guide.

"Note" The warm red colour may be either enhanced (as in the photos) or subdued to give a straw brown colour.. This is achieved by different types of surface finish. Please ask for advice.

Technical Notes

Colour changes little on exposure.