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Durable and Hard Wearing

The early settlers used the native White Oak for much of their general carpentry and flooring. As well as being beautiful, it is very strong, durable and resistant to insect and fungal attack.

White oak is a generic name for a number of oak species under one banner. In general terms, the timber from the southern states has a greater number of species and a wide variation in colour, density and general character.

White oak from the northern states has fewer species - usually about four and predominantly Quercus alba. This means a more uniform appearance colour and it is similar to European Oak but with fewer small knots and a slightly warmer colour. We only buy timber from these northern states.

The name 'White Oak' should not be taken as a guide to the colour of the timber; it is as described below.

prime white oak flooring

Classic White Oak Flooring

(128mm & 140mm wide & 20mm thick)

An attractive floor which is mostly honey brown in colour but with occasional, pink hues and variations in texture. The timber is straight grained with a pleasing figure and there may be an odd small knot and flash of darker or lighter colour. Overall the timber has been selected for its uniform colour and grain and lack of knots.

Note:- Most of the White Oak on the market allows considerable amounts of white sapwood. Our Classic White Oak does not and only permits an occasional flash of lighter wood which, we feel, does not mar the overall appearance.

american oak flooring

Character White Oak Flooring

(128mm & 140mm wide & 20mm thick)

A stimulating floor with colour variation from cream to mid brown, pinks, darker stripes and a scattering of small to medium sized knots. Timber is selected for the pleasing variation in colour & grain and knots of moderate size. The size of knots and colour variation is limited.

rustic oak flooring

Rustic White Oak Flooring

(128mm & 140mm wide & 20mm thick)

This is a real country floor with a wide colour variation from cream to dark brown, pinks, knots of all sizes and colour and many rustic features.

Tavern Grades of flooring may occasionally be available - please see the price list for availability.

For more info on grades, lengths etc. see "Grades & Flooring Range" in the Technical Guide.

Technical Notes

White oak flooring is generally harder, heavier and tougher than European Oak flooring and may be used for most domestic and commercial situations - Hotels, cafes, dance floors, shops, offices. Colour changes on exposure & darkens.