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Lively Floors and Airy Spaces

White Ash (Fraxinus americana) grows in the northern states and along the Canadian border where the strength and colour resemble that of English Ash.

It was chosen by the settlers for a variety of uses because of its versatility and simple beauty and their ash shaker furniture remains a classic to this day.

The colour varies from almost pure white to chocolate brown and the flooring is graded accordingly.

Our floors are graded into
Classic White Ash(Upper Photo), Classic Olive Ash(Lower Photo), Character Ash and a little Rustic Ash for maximum choice. The beautiful figure and light colour create a lively sense of space in all seasons. Click on these images for more info.

White ash from the northern states is stronger, tougher and has a better mix of colours than timber from the south. It is also virtually free of glass worm which can mar the appearance.

solid ash flooring

Classic White Ash Flooring

(128mm wide & 20mm thick)

This is a clear grade floor except for the odd small pin knot. The colour varies from white to biscuit with occasional very small flashes of olive and a bold pronounced grain.

The wood may be lightened and the open grain suppressed by the use of a white oil finish - See main image.

wide ash floors

Classic Northern Olive Ash Flooring

(100mm & 128mm wide & 20mm thick)

This is also a clear grade except for a few small pin knots. The main feature of this floor is the wide colour variation from white to dark chocolate brown and occasional purple hues. Individual boards may be all brown or mostly white with a small proportion of olive colour and batches may vary with a dark or light bias.

knotty ash floors

Character Northern Ash Flooring

(100mm & 128mm wide & 20mm thick)

This has a slightly rustic appearance and contains a few sound live knots up to 30mm in diameter, burrs and an odd smaller dark knot. The wide colour variation from white to dark brown, wild grain and knots combine to produce an attractive floor.

rustic ash floors

Rustic Ash Flooring

(100mm & 128mm wide & 20mm thick)

The grade may contain wide colour variation of white to dark brown, numerous knots, occasional surface cracks, some machining defects and other rustic features. The average length is much shorter. May be stained for a traditional old look.

For more info on grades, lengths etc. see "Grades & Flooring Range" in the Technical Guide.

Technical Notes

Colour changes little on exposure.