English Timbers

Solid Hardwood flooring

Timber for Sale

  • 1. Approximately 1.5 to 2 cubic metres of kiln dried American White Oak and a little Red Oak All 5 to 6” wide and 1” thick, mostly an attractive character grade. Roughly surfaced both sides.
  • A small quantity of Canadian Maple
  • A small quantity of English Elm
  • A small quantity of old pitch pine.
  • 5. Approximately 1 cubic metre of Thailand Rosewood believed to be Dalbergia cochinchinensis or Dalbergia oliveri. Log sawn material from about 1” to 6” thick. Very well air dried. Colour varies from dark purple to orange with darker stripes. Very beautiful, very heavy, hard and lustrous but surprisingly easy to work. Prefer to sell as one lot, but may separate.
  • Woodworking Machinery & Tools for Sale

    Costa-Valmac 1-155/130 Briquetting Plant & hammer mill. Only 200 hours since factory refurbishment.

    The machine uses the dry machine wood waste to produce very saleable 56mm diameter wood briquettes which in themselves generate significant income. Output depends on materials used, but around 250 to 300 kg per hour. Includes main machine, oil heater, cooling line, but not the orange bag sealer as seen above.

    Industrial heavy duty briquetting machine designed for continuous operation. Turns wood waste into high quality briquettes to burn in wood stoves. Generates considerable income from the waste. Output depends on materials used, but around 300 kg per hour. Includes main machine, oil heater, cooling line, hammer mill and spares. (Excludes the orange bag sealer as seen.) Only 200 hours use since factory refurbishment in Italy.

    Please contact for more information

    Hammer Mill

    A hammer mill for use with larger waste is included as well as a range of spares for the plant – Eg Different heads for different types of waste. Little used since overhaul at the manufacturers in Italy

    Hammer Mill & spares.

    Please contact for more information

    SCM 2250 Planer and Thicknesser

    From the Invincible range. A heavy duty industrial planer/Thicknesser. 500mm wide, long tables, 3 phase. Good working condition. Can be seen working.

    £2950 + Vat

    Graco Falcon air assisted spray gun

    in excellent working condition. Produces a super finish with water or solvent based lacquers. Excellent condition. Bought for a project which fell through. Recent check and service at the agents.

    £650 + Vat ono

    CFM 3kw Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

    In Excellent condition. Full range of tools. Very powerful. 3 x 1000w motors Single phase. Swiss Quality.

    Over £2000 when new £950 + Vat ono.

    Hand Tools

    Building Materials

    There is no vat on these following items as they are sold privately.

    Welsh slates

    selection of odd sizes. 59 eaves slates. 64 @ 18” x 8”, 40 @ 16” x 8”, 120 @ 14” x 8”. 42 @ 16” x 9”. Say 310 . £60 for the lot Approx 20p each. Buyer to collect. Ridges not included. No Vat

    Victorian Chapel Windows

    There are 7 of these arched windows. The glazing is over 170 years old and all has some wear & tear or damage. The frames are about 40 years old. The upper and mid sections are leaded windows. This ranges from the best with one or two of the elements of the leaded glazing having a crack to the worst with a number of badly damaged elements. Buyer to view and collect. All are 2130 high x 985 wide with a 70mm thick frame. Photos available.

    Window 1

    – Top Section – Very Good. Mid Section - Average & some damage.

    Window 2

    - Top Section – Good. Mid Section – Very Good

    Window 3

    - Top Section – Good. Mid Section - 3 panes damaged. The rest are good.

    Window 4

    - Top Section - Fair with some damage. Mid Section – Good

    Window 5

    - Top Section – Fair with some damage Mid Section – Good

    Window 6

    - Top Section - Fair with some damage Mid Section – damage to one corner, rest ok.

    Window 7

    - Top Section - Good - Mid Section – Extensive damage.

    All repairable except for window 7/mid section.

    Sell as one lot £270 or nearest offer - Buyer to collect. If you buy these 7 together with the 2 oak windows below the price is £300 for the lot. No vat on this item

    Photos available of all the windows, could be emailed.

    Victorian Leaded Light Windows in weathered oak frames

    Size – 760 high x 535 wide. One has a damaged pane. Sold as a pair. £75 for both. Buyer to collect. No Vat

    Buy with the 7 frames above for £300. No vat

    Victorian Style Chapel Doors

    Made in the appropriate style, by furniture makers, from solid Iroko in 1976 with frame. The doors have weathered to a lovely silver/brown colour and have great character. No glazing. Requires glazing beads & furniture. Frame included – top and uprights. Top section of the frame is new .

    Buyer to collect. Would cost £1000 to make today.

    Buyer to collect. £400 No vat on this item

    Round Window 1

    – 2035 overall diameter x 80mm thick. Triple glazed with centre cross. Made from treated engineered timber & finished with Remmers coating. Outside colour is Cement Grey – RAL 7033. Inside is Light Grey – RAL 7035. Triple glazed, low e with argon fill.

    The fault is with the glazing & the gap between the 3 panes at the centre of the window. The middle pane is touching one of the outer panes, but has a gap of about 14mm between the other pane. In effect it is working as a double glazed unit over the central area of the window and a triple glazed over the rest. Fitted and removed. Cost New £1950 + Vat.

    Outside colour – RAL 7033, Inside – Ral 7035

    Accept £250 ono No Vat on this item. Buyer to collect.

    Round Window 2

    Same size and colour as window 1, but the gap between each pane of glass is about 5mm in the centre. So it is acting as a triple glazed window, but with a slightly lower performance in the centre. This one is the better of the 2 windows and is reflected in the price of £500 ono No Vat Buyer to collect.

    Outside colour – RAL 7033, Inside – Ral 7035

    Triple Glazed French Doors

    Perfect condition, but made to the wrong size. Fitted and then removed immediately. The photo shows the replacement window which is identical to the window for sale except for the height.


    Overall Height including frame = 2054, Clear height inside frame = 1900

    Overall width including frame = 1843. Clear width inside frame = 1650

    Double sealed Ecocontract doors. Overall U value = 0.9.

    Outside colour – RAL 7033, Inside – Ral 7035.

    Door furniture not included (except for hinges)

    Cost new - £2290 + Vat. . Price £950 No Vat

    Buyer to collect.

    Buy both Round windows and the French Doors - £1500 for the lot.